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Flight Petroleum LLC is licensed and registered in Mississippi U.S.A. operating under the commercial trade name, Flight Petroleum.

The CEO of Flight Petroleum, James Johnson, has a long history with his family in the fuel business. Since the 1960's, James' family has owned and operated Noil Corp in Chicago. James founded Flight in 2017 to build more business and to secure strategic relationships outside of the USA. Although Flight Petroleum has a 637 license to purchase fuel, we have strategically aligned ourselves with our family company, Noil Corp as our major supplier for fuel along the Magellan and Colonial Pipelines here in the US.
We are a company founded by executives with private, public, domestic and international experience in sourcing and coordinating commercial transactions in the commodity and corporate sectors.
Our Clients are our strategic partners. As partners, our goal is to understand our clients’ needs and effectively translate them to produce successful fuel transactions. Through this understanding, we can employ the expertise and experience of our team to meet the needs of our clients through effective process management focused on timely product procurement.
Flight Petroleum has contracts and established relationships with numerous refined oil producing companies around the world. We also trade and market our petroleum and gas oil products, worldwide. Our sourcing is based on solid agreements which we have in place with various refiners. Our extensive expertise and our flexible financial conditions enable us to provide a variety of transactional structures creating valuable, flexible solutions to our clients.
In the process, our traders, operators, risk management, and finance teams provide creative solutions to high value, proven Buyers to help them overcome the pricing, logistical, and financial barriers that may stand in the way of such transactions.
Dedication and commitment to providing solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction create the long-lasting relationships that enable us to maximize opportunities. We believe focused professionals can be successful together when every player is committed and qualified to make transactions happen and we engage in rigorous due diligence to ensure it.


We are committed to helping our clients procure and/or sell oil products throughout the world and our mission is to execute successful transactions which enable our clients (buyers/resellers/end users) to obtain the gasoline and refined petroleum products they require. With our experience, extensive network and expertise in the petroleum industry we can assure you that your organization’s requirements for refined petroleum products will be met. Flight Petroleum and its members/partners have been successfully involved in multi-million dollar product distribution domestically and internationally. We have experienced the successful procurement of hundreds of millions of gallons, barrels and/or metric tons of refined petroleum and gasoline products. As a result, this is the business we know and the business in which we invest our efforts to succeed.


We exhibit superior customer service in every transaction through the application of innovative solutions. It’s a tough business and we know it therefore, we make sure that every customer progresses through the purchasing process based upon his/her own merit. We work to provide solutions that create successful transactions by developing viable responses to obstacles, wherever possible. We know that successful transactions build lasting business relationships based upon the mutual reliability of Flight and each individual client/partner.

Corporate Profile

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