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Our Services

Bulk Fuels for Ground Fleets

One of Flight’s primary focus areas is gasoline and diesel fuels for ground transportation fleets – trucks and other ground delivery vehicles, rental cars, corporate fleets, gas stations, etc.

Aviation Fuel

Flight counts Commercial airlines, the Armed Services, private airfields and prolific resellers as our client/partners for aviation fuels such as; JP54/JETA1, and other specialty aviation fuels.

Generator Fuels

Flight supplies office and other industrial/commercial buildings, hospitals, cell phone towers and government facilities generators. We also supply fuel treatments to keep generator fuel healthy and reduce the probability of stoppages.

Marine Diesels

We supply critical refined fuel needs for cruise lines and transport ships, Armed Services vessels and other large marine ship companies, including major Buyers. These products include; ULSD, D6, D2, Red Dye and other diesel products.

Global Fuel Access

While we also have access to Saudi, Iranian and Russian fuel – our core suppliers are major refineries in the U.S. The primary port of operation for Flight Petroleum is Houston, Texas U.S.A.
As the need for marine fuel can be numerous other safe world ports, we maintain a reliable logistical network of other key ports for our cruise line and other marine and ground transport clients.


See "Consulting" below.

Markets We Serve

Flight Petroleum's clients come to us primarily through referrals and strategic introductions. There is very limited active outreach but, we do onboard new clients after initial due diligence and vetting. We have the capability to serve many segments of the fuel market because we are direct to major refineries able to blend product according to specification. Currently, we consider our target markets to be;
  • Ground Fuel Storage Tanks - Underground and Above.
  • Ground Transportation Fleets - All Types; Large and Midsize Trucks, Rental and Corporate Vans, SUVs, Autos Buses As Well As, Various Armed Services Ground Vehicles.
  • Cruise Lines and Other Commercial and Military Ships.
  • Fuel Storage Resources
  • Commercial Airlines, Military Air Transport and Private Air Fields.
  • Tanks, Tankers and Generators.


Strategy Consultancy

Flight Petroleum offers professional consultancy services globally for proven buyers and sellers of petroleum products. Our consulting services were created to assist our clients in every way with their oil transaction needs. We facilitate their ability to service their Buyers and end users by sharing the cost savings, logistical and storage facility advantages of our strategic network with our consultancy clients. We are committed to outstanding consultancy services that optimize our clients’ ability to procure and/or sell refined petroleum products, gasoline, and additives. We source the best deals and our network is extensive. We also offer our advice and/or, well-vetted and experienced resources in the areas of;
  • Fleet Fuel Cost Management and Containment
  • Maintenance and Servicing of Back-up Generators
  • Fuel Supply and Tanks
  • Fuel Storage Resources
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Due Diligence
While the essence of our trading is sourcing fuel, we have evolved in numerous ways to assist our clients and meet their most specific requirements. Our lean structure and focused team is able to make rapid decisions in today’s fast evolving world. We rely on our interpersonal relationships for our success.